Tokyo Xanadu eX+

Aksys Games is bringing Tokyo Xanadu to the rest of the world. Surprise surprise, they’re bringing in the eX+ versions while they’re at it!

This is so darn great, Aksys. well done for getting the eX+ versions (which I’ve heard is a much-needed improvement over the base game) and for Falcom to get that sorted out and have Aksys port it to the PC as well. More points for getting the original Japanese voices too (although I guess it comes with a cost to losing English dubs, but I’m fine either way.)

I’ll admit, I’ve never played the Xanadu side of Falcom (only briefly touched Ys, and mostly Kiseki) so I’m going in blind on this one – I hope it’s a great game, I hope Aksys manages to build up a really good PC port (I believe in them!) and well, I like the idea of modern-day Tokyo on a Falcom game, I guess. They haven’t done that before, have they?