Welcome to VA-11 Hall-A

Besides the usual work and anime, I’m currently entertaining myself with some cyberpunk bartender action with VA-11 HALL-A.

Time to mix drinks and change lives.

I’m really liking this visual novel. You’re simply listening to customers as you serve drinks, but it’s strangely relaxing. Maybe it’s because of how it strikes your imagination with its cyberpunk world, its denizens, how things work in their society. The good writing definitely helps—seeing how enamored I am with Jill and the rest of the VA-11 HALL-A staff.

Just wondering how things work after being told glimpses of things like White Knights and corporations and the Lilim and Danger/u/ and stuff is a treat.

So far, I’m just in Chapter 2 and I’m enjoying all sorts of stories from this little game.