January 27, 2018

I wonder if my titles are inconsistent for the occasional (rare) status posts I’ve written on this site. I’m sure I’ve labeled something like “11-20-2017” or “22-8-2016” in the “status” tags here.

Anyway, here’s another post.


I picked up Fire Emblem Heroes over a year ago, played it all the time all the way to the present, bought a Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey and am hyped for upcoming Nintendo Direct announcements like the DK Tropical Freeze switch port and the Bayonetta series.

Yep, I’ve gone full Nintendo as of late. It’s not bad, really; the Switch has been a fantastic experience because it lets me play my games everywhere and anytime without having to bother anyone’s TV time, and the console itself is a bundle of fun.

Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t bad either. For a gacha game, it’s surprisingly generous for F2P players such as myself and even if you’re unlucky, you can still have a good time with the occasional free 5* hero they have at Tempest Trials. On my experience though, I have been very, very lucky for having a constant flow of 5* characters. I’ve had one for every new banner and it’s been on at least 5 banners already!


Work is…. work as usual. I’m on a higher, more managerial postion now which is both great (less fussing about troublesome code) and terrible (more fussing about terrible people). It’s both refreshing (dealing more on higher-level technical details or design-related ideas) and dull (paperwork, spreadsheets, instead of awesome code and scripts).

That said, I’m also using more of my Macbook now at work because of various productivity software that you just can’t find on Linux or Windows. Things like Omni’s OmniPlan and OmniFocus are tempting, and new stuff like Agenda are pretty darn great at keeping my new busy lifestyle under control.

Ah, if only all of those were on a superior OS like Linux. It’d be fantastic. But anyway, I’ll cave in on this because it is pretty darn great to own a Mac and have it work on things like these, while I keep my code and scripts and all sorts of awesome things on my Arch Linux laptops.