February 2017: Backlog Catchup

I’ve had an unfortunate case of chickenpox lately. It’s terrible, but at the very least I was able to make up a mini-vacation out of it while resisting the urge to scratch these blisters off.

Danganronpa 2

I’m finally glad I was able to get through this game once and for all!

I’ve been playing Danganronpa 2 since two years ago and after the anime duo came and went, I’ve been trying to rush it but failed out of exhaustion. Maybe it was because of the Kiseki series, maybe because the story got a lot less exciting as they killed off fun characters like Ibuki or because the final islands kinda fell flat Gundham going away with his chapter felt really weak since it was out of desperation and hunger for example, or perhaps seeing Nagito dead on the final island .

But at long last, I finally finished the game, and most fortunately I was able to avoid the anime entirely (it spoiled a LOT in its first few minutes!) and had the most shocking reveals experienced firsthand. Remember that moment when Chiaki had to be executed because she was the Future Foundation’s monitor and how Nagito made the perfect plan to take her out, or perhaps take out the rest of the Remnants of Despair if they ended up failing that impossible case ? The experience of seeing the Neo World Program collapsing and revealing the macro scale of the Danganronpa series was an even bigger treat, and with the DR1 crew showing up at the final trial was amazing

Danganronpa 2 ended in a way that I really liked it. Nagito’s death was sheer genius and was definitely the best even if the other cases were just as great, and learning about the world beyond the game is always a thing of beauty for lore-seekers, all with the Remnants of Despair, the Future Foundation and The Tragedy .

So now, I’m on my way to watch the anime series. I’m going to mimic the original broadcast order, of course.

Tales of Berseria

I was looking for a good game to play after all of the Kiseki games that I have. New Game+ playthroughs are definitely on the way to go, but I’ve tried with little success on other games like Hyper Light Drifter, I am Setsuna and even Tyranny. I could get into it, but it wasn’t enough to catch my interest.

But then Namco-Bandai released a demo of Berseria on Steam and it was fantastic. It felt great, it was silky smooth and it was quite enjoyable to play (still ain’t Graces nor Vesperia and slightly off from what I’m used to in Zestiria). Either way, I was sold on this one and despite how normally bad it is to preorder things, I did so anyway.

The game came out last Friday and boy it was as fantastic as I had hoped it was. Velvet is fun to play and it’s a nice breath of fresh air to play a band of misfits (not necessarily evil, but definitely not lead by goody-two-shoes people either) that surprisingly has a child character that’s well-written and a solo female lead that kicks ass AND sticks to her character ( personally, her emotions are way too high in gear to the point that it’s surprising that she’s opposing Artorius with crazy amounts of rage that doesn’t fit what makes sense, but oh well, she reeks of emotions, they say ).

All I wish for in this game are better spellcasters. Sure, Magilou’s fun and Laphicet isn’t in cringe territory, but they’re just not as fun compared to Velvet or Eizen or Rokurou. At least Eizen hits hard and Rokurou feels like playing Rose from Zestiria, but Magilou and Laphicet are nowhere near the fun spellcasters in the Tales of series.

Then again, my definition of spellcasters have always been the spammy sort, what with Rita Mordio and Lailah for example.

Oh and the Tales of series does count as backlog too. I feel the need to watch the anime adaptation of Zestiria (which I’ve heard is an improvement over the wreck of a plot it had) and how it somehow connects with Velvet and the events at Berseria.