Pre-Finale Write-up

I just finished Chapter 8 in Trails in the Sky SC. What a rollercoaster of events! This is a write-up summing up my thoughts of the last chapters of this game.

I’m about to finish Trails in the Sky SC, actually. A few weeks ago, I was at the Glorious fighting off enemies and finally got reuninted with Joshua Astray. Welcome back dude! I missed your imbalanced Black Fang S-Craft .

I’ll say I’ve had a hell of an awesome time after all that. The Aureole, the Liber Ark and the Tetracyclic Towers finally made sense and the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon was a kickass way of making that chapter a memorable one.

I finished off as a B+ rank Bracer (Estelle said it, so I’m guessing I’m not getting the A :( ) at the end, after that shocking reveal and confrontation at the Haken Gate with the Erebonian Army, Zachs, Mueller and Olivier err- Prince Olivert .

I called Falcom absolute madmen at this point, and with the oh-so expected arrival at the finale, I’m off to finish the game soon.

Man, I am really looking forward to Cold Steel. Seeing Olivier as the Prince (expected!) is exciting on a newer iteration of the game, and that goes for Mueller as well as the Blood and Iron Chancellor and his alleged ties with Ouroboros.

Damnit! Is (Cold Steel Speculation + SC Spoiler) the Reformist Faction actually the more villanous side here? I’m liking this direction since it’s usually the nobility that’s stereotypically evil. If that’s going to be different because the Chancellor’s working with Ouroboros, then this game will be more exciting for me.

Ultimately though, it sort of sucks that we won’t get to see Zero and Ao in English. I want to see Crossbell City and how much the events over there affect the other games.