#7 - Chapter 4: Free Time (Part 2)

After a long free day and the usual dungeon crawl, it turns out this day is far from over.


  • Lots of sudden plot moments with Elise, the Schwarzer family and the Old Schoolhouse
  • Rean gets overclocked and deals with the boss solo, until he controlled himself.
  • Rean + Crow fight!
  • Fie + Laura fight!
  • On the way to Heimdallr

On the previous post, I tried doing things in bullets. This time, I’ll try quoting out story summaries and keeping commentaries separate. Maybe this style might work out, maybe the other style might be better. I don’t know. I’m just writing.


The free day didn’t end here. Things get stuck in the plot with Elise’s appearance at Thor’s Military Academy before Class VII got to leave the campus. Elise brings up the letter Rean sent and it turned out to be his intentions for the future to serve the military and give up his succession to the Schwarzer line. Elise tears up because Rean only thought of himself and not considered his family’s and Elise’s feelings about the issue. Class VII of course reprimanded Rean for what he did.

I really liked how things went here. It reveals a lot more onto Rean’s own personal side (just as how half the class has shared their parts) and it’s a nice look on how he feels about his line to nobility and as someone who’s adopted into it.

That, and we got to see Elise with Class VII at long last! Her brocon tendencies are just so amusing to watch, although yeah, this part was serious.

Rean was frantically chasing for Elise. She ended up in the same basement they were in at the Old Schoolhouse while meeting Patrick along the way. During Rean’s pursuit, he meets both Patrick and Crow and descended to the basement only to find Elise unconscious and in mortal danger against a huge armored golem.

When Elise opened up the red door, mentions of a trial, a key and activation were noted.

Seeing Elise in that state, Rean clutches his chest and somehow overclocks himself with a crazy boost in stats white hair and attempted to solo the boss while protecting Elise.

Okay, holy shit. I was not expecting that red door to open on the same day of discovery, although I did expect Rean to finally unleash his full power in times of danger like this – as foreshadowed with his past beast encounter with Elise as a child.

It’s totally kickass to fight the golem at this point. I’ve set up Rean’s build to perform really good on his own, so this fight was a breeze as Rean regenerates his health with a handy dose of Earth Pulse, time arts and a decent rate of CP with the Gladiator headband.

Mid-fight, it turns out that Rean was aware of his condition and really wanted to control himself. Crow joins in on the fight while Patrick moves Elise into safety.

Class VII is on the way.

Oh how convenient, not only is Crow a decent fighter as expected, but he’s also drinking the kool-aid out of time arts. This fight was a breeze. Rean could’ve done it himself with my setup, but this is just as fine.

As for his full power tendencies, I like how only Crow and Patrick have seen his side of it. I’ve no idea how Class VII or even Elise would’ve reacted while seeing that terrifying side of Rean. That, or they’ll admire it just like I do. It IS fucking kickass, and I’m sure this’ll happen again in the future even if Rean’s trying his best to control things.

After the fight, Class VII and Instructor Sara shows up to see the outcome of the fight. The day closes in at Rean explaining things (without noting his transformation as evidenced later) while Emma silently ponders as Celine is revealed nearby.

Gah, I guess it’s Celine who’s testing out Class VII at this point. She and Emma need to explain themselves one day, and with their little discussion behind the scenes in the field before, it’s really apparent that Celine knows Rean’s nature, the deal with keys and whatnot (since Emma was observing Rean the entire time, even in field studies).

Practical Exam

The game fast-forwards to Practical Exam day. While it did, it showed that Rean was exhausted due to his recent transformation, and it looked like Elise and Rean made up at the moment when she had to go back to Heimdallr.

Oh and headpats and blushes ensue. The girls are actually pitying Elise for seeing how much of a brocon she is to Rean and how Rean is oblivious to it all. Devotion, they say.

Hehehe. Typical Japan with their “oh, I’m not blood-related, but we’re family” shindig and with the little sister falling in love with the mature brother. Not surprised, but amusing nontheless.

Practical Exam’s a 2v2 this time. I chose Gaius, and Sara chooses Fie and Laura to fight us. Of course they’re going to get their asses kicked with how they refuse to link each other.

With Rean built up to stand on his own and kick ass solo and with Gaius built more or less the same but with a bit of support arts (Teara), the two girls just lost purely to delay hell, occasional assist strikes and status debuffs.

Up Next

After the exam, Instructor Sara then says that they’ll all be deployed to Heimdallr next, right before the Summer Festival.

Seeing how the teams were essentially the same except for Rean being moved to Fie and Laura’s team, he remarks on how it appears as if he’s being told to solve things. Instructor Sara just whistles her way out and the team is off to Heimdallr the next day.

Hehe, classic Sara and well, gee Rean, you’ve been successful with Jusis and Machias and even to himself with Alisa and Laura. It’s amusing, but it’s really no surprise that it’ll be that way.

Anyway, I’ll miss Alisa and the rest on my next playthrough as I spend the next days on Heimdallr.