~Games: What's Up~

I'm following these games right now.

I’m enjoying my sweet time on Tales of Berseria at the moment.

After that, I’ll probably spend time finishing I am Setsuna, Hyper Light Drifter and Tyranny.

Past Games

This post used to have details on my games at the time, so I’ve placed them in this section for now.

Trails of Cold Steel 1

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Right now, I’m actually finished at playing the game. I even wrote my finale article here.

I had neglected my adventure posts though, so I’ll follow up on those soon before I jump in to Cold Steel II. For that matter, Afterschool turned out to be more special than usual, and after that, Class VII was sent to their field study.

Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter

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I have also finished Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter. It’s been one hell of a ride.

My thoughts...

Oh sweet salvation, I finally finished this game! 93 hours long of a rollercoaster of emotions, right here. And as the story goes, it’s all just beginning. It’s terrifying how people are saying that the next game (Third Chapter) opens a whole new can of worms for the entire setting, and that there are two games that are not translated are expected to be the BEST out there, but are doomed to stay in the PSP. And then there’s Cold Steel… I can pretty much declare that the Kiseki series is my favorite video game series of all time – and it REALLY sucks that people never got to enjoy it. But for me, it has rekindled my love for RPGs.

I had a write-up of my thoughts as the game approached its final chapters.