Your Name

otherwise known as Kimi no na wa.

Zenzenzense! I just watched Your Name on theatres today.

This movie was literally breathtaking. I mean it! I wasn’t expecting to repeatedly think omgomgomg in my head as moments unfolded as I had predicted, nor did I expect the hilarious comedy ringing throughout the cinema, or the stinging moments of heavy and pure frisson whenever key moments had happened, and the standing ovation at the finale was well deserved.

Your Name (Kimi no na wa.) is definitely one of the best movies of this year, if not the best if I were to include my typical anime bias despite the film having some minor flaws (like how the couple had formed their relationships in a meaningful way, although I guess it was life-changing to matter to their hearts, and explosion-kun actually doing a terrorist act for a friend’s irrational but oh-so-true prediction) .

I’m looking forward to watch it again in theatres after this surge of frisson and happiness. It’s amazing, really. I’ve NEVER considered rewatches in my entire life, and yet here I am looking at the cinema schedules after I had watched the movie and contemplated about it in silence with its scenes fresh in my mind.