~Anime: Winter 2017~

I'm following these shows this season.

I finished Danganronpa 2 lately, so I’m doing catch-up on my backlog with the two Danganronpa 3 ~Despair~ and ~Future~ arcs.

Other than that, I’m watching these:

Winter 2016

Little Witch Academia

This one’s a no-brainer. I’ve followed the movies and how it became popular, so it makes perfect sense to follow an entire season’s worth of it.

No reviews for now.

Konosuba S2

Same stuff here to be honest – I enjoyed the anime so much that if Re:Zero wasn’t around it would’ve been 2016’s best. I also followed the source material all the way to Megumin’s village and family though, so I already know what to expect for this season.

I’m expecting to see the next arcs with my sides leaving the universe.

Last Fall 2016

I’m following these shows this season.

3-Gatsu no Lion

A manga series that came from the same author of Honey & Clover and animated by SHAFT.

Episode 1 Wow, this show feels great. It feels somewhat relaxing and melancholic while telling the story in between. It’s nice to see a lot of quiet moments that show, not tell. Add in Shaft’s artistic and direction shenanigans and it’s just a great first episode. I know it’s a manga series, but I’m going in blind on this one.
Episode 2 This show’s so good that I’m moving it up my list now. The relaxed pacing of the show really works well, seeing things like MC’s fellow peers, the older sister and her work, and enjoying the festival with the family that took care of him, and bits of his past and parents. It’s all so well done.
Episode 3,4 The episodes proceed as usual – this time more on his game and one of his rivals.
Episode 5 …that was one heck of a backstory for our MC. Thank goodness for his somewhat foster family for their tender care because damn I would be freaking out of my sanity on something like this. The cuckoo comparison is so fitting too.

Hibike! Euphonium 2

First season was awesome AND it’s by Kyoto Animation. Of course I’m watching this.

Episode 1 It’s a one hour special! It’s so refreshing to see the club back again. Honestly, I’m surprised I’ve forgotten so much about this show and what it’s about – the struggle to be the best individually, as a team and all that amongst others. Oh and I’m really liking the voice acting. It’s less anime-ish and more “real” with how relaxed it sounds.
Episode 2

The senpai drama focus is rather… intriguing. Oh and jeez, POOOORU episode. Gotta have a Reina stitch out of things. :3

Episode 3 Things proceed as usual. I was surprised Asuka’s reasons for her decisions were… simpler than I had thought it would’ve been.
Episode 4 Issue resolved! Good to see that, and its surprisingly wrapped up rather neatly.
Episode 5 WOW! What a performance! That was an entire arrangement, wasnt it? Based KyoAni for putting it all in with such production quality. I bet the way they played was accurate too.
Episode 7,8 I guess this is Asuka’s arc, which nicely parallels with Kumiko’s sister. It’s quite the dilemma to experience at that age – going for an all-out musical career vs the challenges of paving your way for an ensured future with the right education and career path.
Episode 9 to the End Well, I’ve binged the show for the rest. I… expected this outcome despite all of the amazing bouts of emotion for the previous episodes. I guess that’s that for Euphonium (nice title drop by the way). I’m not exactly satisfied how it ended, but the journey was worth it.


This season seems fair so far.

I’m honestly watching a lot less anime than I normally used to (and I wish I could follow some more) because I’m recently preoccupied at my free time. I’m currently having a blast at playing Falcom’s Trails series, particularly Trails of Cold Steel and the finale of Trails in the Sky Second Chapter.