Persona 5: Notes

This post is actively edited. It’s gonna take a while!

Just some of my thoughts while playing Persona 5. EDIT: Oh sorry, did I say while? I meant AFTER. I finished the darn game already.

Oh and yes, this post has spoilers in it. I’m going to hide the big plot reveals, but I’m at least expecting everyone to know about the Persona series and up to the first in-game dungeon.


Review: Hollow Knight

Man, this has got to be the most satisfying platformer I’ve played in a while. Among indies, it’s likely my Game of the Year for 2017. I hope something beats it because it’s going to be really tough to dethrone this one.

Here’s my review of Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight.


April 5, 2017

As always, life’s frigging busy. The backlog remains on expanding and I haven’t managed to keep up with any of it.

Well, maybe except Danganronpa 3. It’s been a treat to marathon the series while I was on vacation.


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US trip, and back!

Whew. I’ve been out for at least a month! That’s because I was on a trip in the United States and across several cities to meet friends, family and relatives. I’ll probably write some thoughts about the United States for later. It’s been a heck of a time since I went from the west coast to the east coast and with a mix of experiences with cold weather and varying urban and suburb places. »

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