US trip, and back!

Whew. I’ve been out for at least a month! That’s because I was on a trip in the United States and across several cities to meet friends, family and relatives. I’ll probably write some thoughts about the United States for later. It’s been a heck of a time since I went from the west coast to the east coast and with a mix of experiences with cold weather and varying urban and suburb places. »

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February 2017: Backlog Catchup

I’ve had an unfortunate case of chickenpox lately. It’s terrible, but at the very least I was able to make up a mini-vacation out of it while resisting the urge to scratch these blisters off.


~Games: What's Up~

I’m enjoying my sweet time on Tales of Berseria at the moment.

After that, I’ll probably spend time finishing I am Setsuna, Hyper Light Drifter and Tyranny.


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