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Hi! I'm Jeriel Jan del Prado. Just a software developer who knows his mobile, web and application development, and a bit of Big Data. I'm inclined particularly at Java, Google, Linux and all other things that are open-source, preferably the Apache and BSD sort.

Besides programming and computers, I'm also an avid fan of anime, manga and most stuff pertaining to the otaku subculture.

I also write posts on my blogs from time to time.

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You can reach me through the networks below.

If you prefer contacting me directly, please read the following:

  • Please introduce yourself. I have a strict policy on ignoring unidentified messages due to the amount of spam messages I receive.
  • Contact me in the right channels or networks.
  • If you don't follow these two rules, your requests WILL be ignored.
  • For work / business related concerns: Email me directly via Leaving a LinkedIn message is also appropriate.
  • For personal matters: Drop me a message either through Skype (jerieljan) or through Google+ (+JerielDelPrado).
  • For social network connections on the Internet: Add me on Google+ at +JerielDelPrado
  • For social network connections AND if I have met you personally: Add me on Google+ via my account or on Facebook
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